MARKETPLACE runs a competitive awards program to recognize Wisconsin companies that exemplify business excellence, with dedicated award categories for larger and smaller, newer and more established businesses. In addition, the conference honors individuals and organizations that are providing leadership in the business communities served by MARKETPLACE.


Award Categories

Outstanding Business of the Year

This business has demonstrated growth in employment, production and/or operations and has substantial history of success. It has a positive social and/or economic impact on Wisconsin. The recipient must have shown outstanding growth, significant achievements in innovation, job growth or by participating in other endeavors that benefit the community and its residents.

CEO of the Year

This is given to a chief executive with a proven record of bold and innovative leadership in their organization. This CEO will be someone who has created positive, measurable benefits for the organization; guided the company through a difficult period while managing to continue improvements; brought about an innovative change in the market; or has shown their ability to take their business to the next level.

Best Workplace

This is given to a company which has a company culture that thrives in the face of adversity, and fosters employee growth and advancement at all levels. This award will recognize a company where people love to work and sets the standard for excellence.

Thought Leadership Excellence

This award will honor an individual who exemplifies the spirit of innovation and transformative change through practical approaches to improve work environments that are respectful, supportive and focused on developing executives and employees as thought leaders.

Diverse Business Champion of the Year

This award will recognize an individual or business that has been a champion of making an impact on diversity. It recognizes people, solutions, products or services that move the needle forward on equity and inclusion.

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